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Opus Terra

Optimization & Uncertainty Solutions


The Opus Terra™ toolbox aims to improve your Petrel* RE workflows and to bypass time consuming reservoir simulations using various tools (proxy and optimizer).

For example, Opus Terra can be use for :
  • History matching of all production data (Pressure, Water-cut, ...).
  • Optimization problems: Optimization of the placement of wells, optimization of production rates.

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OpusTerra’s tools are fully integrated into your workflow Petrel RE, which allows performing History matching studies without using external software.

Opus Terra improves existing functionality of Petrel in order to reduce the time spend on History Matching and Optimization studies while maintaining high accuracy of results through a “Global optimizer” and an “Optimal proxy”.

The Opus Terra™ toolbox aims to improve History Matching workflows using various tools: A proxy model based on neural network to avoid time consuming reservoir simulation and a global optimization method to identify the best solution. For example, this toolbox allows to history match all production data (Pressure, water-cut …) or maximize the production (wells placement, production rates …).  

This is a very powerful and flexible tool to build proxy models of reservoir simulators; very useful for History Matching studies. The proxy models are developed using artificial neural networks. This tool identifies the best neural network for your problem with the option "Optimal neural network". This tool allows you to save computation time while keeping high accuracy of your results.  

Opus Terra includes a powerful and flexible tool to optimize many reservoir engineer problems such as: History Matching or production optimization. The optimizer is a global optimization method: CMA-ES, this algorithm is known as one of the most efficient for strongly nonlinear problems. This tool also allows you to manage linear constraints which are essential for production optimization problems.  

This example illustrates the powerful of Opus Terra.
Opus Terra allows to build a high accuracy proxy of the objective function with a minimal number of simulations.
Opus Terra allows to perform a global optimization that identifies best solutions.
The different solutions fit the observed data (Pressure, Water-cut and Gas-oil ratio)

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