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Knowledge of the volume of hydrocarbons in place in a field is essential. Exploitation of a field depends directly on the amount of oil and/or gas contained in the reservoir rocks. These volumes of hydrocarbons are named: OOIP (Original Oil In Place) and OGIP (Original Gas In Place). These quantities are calculated to standard condition: STOIIP (Stock Tank Oil In Initially In Place) and GIIP (Gas Initially In Place).

Many parameters must be taken into account to improve the accuracy of evaluations of fluids in places:
  • The accuracy of the geological model: Using a high resolution geological model is preferred.
  • Transition zones: They may contain a sizable part of STOIIP & GIIP, specifically in low permeable sandstone and carbonate reservoir.
  • Adsorbed gas in shales: Shales may contain a sizable part of the GIIP.

Terra 3E offers different plug-ins meet the expectations of demanding geologists and reservoir engineers, wishing to improve the accuracy of their calculating of fluid in place:

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