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Transmissibility upscaling


TransTerra compute directly the coarse scale transmissibilities using the fine scale permeabilities. The main innovation is that calculations of coarse scale transmissibilities are performed on smaller local domain than those proposed in the conventional methods. This approach increases contrast of transmissibility and thus gains in accuracy for field scale flow simulation in heterogeneous media.

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Compared to existing software, TransTerra uses shifted block to compute transmissibilities.
Two algorithms are available:
  • Flow based method combined to algebraic method to provide a fast an accurate upscaled transmissibilities;
  • Power law.
TransTerra allows controlling the quality of upscaling and gridding. Upscaled transmissibilities can be used directly with reservoir simulator.

This plug-in computes directly the averaged transmissibilities from the 3D high-resolution permeability grids. Transmissibility grids generated can be visualized in Petrel and used directly within any reservoir simulator.  

Compared to classical approaches, it use the shifted block approach. Improvements are due to the computation is done on the half domains on either side of the boundary.

Two methods are proposed: 1) Power law; 2) An approach based on finite volume principles combined algebraic methods providing upper and lower bounds of the upscaled transmissibilities. The equivalent transmissibility is given by the geometric mean of bounds. A ratio of bounds upper than a defined value shows that the gridding should be revisited.  

Results are as good as or better than results from alternative methods (flow based or analytics), especially for high heterogeneous models . Improvements are due to the computation is done on the half domains on either side of the boundary.  

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