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Compositionnal Reservoir Simulator including a Neural Network


SimuloNN is a plug-in for compositionnal reservoir simulators aiming to replace the flash calculations. This plug-in will be built before being linked to the simulator using the technology of neural network. It will allow capturing complex thermodynamic equilibrium through stand-alone thermodynamic packages.


Terra 3E has developped proxies to reproduce the results of a reservoir simulator using similar technology1.


The first year of the JIP SimuloNN will be devoted to validated the methodology using the open source reservoir simulator eWoms2 with the PVT data of the SPE 5 Comparative project3.


Results with and without SimuloNN allowing to compare the efficiency of the approach.

Start date

The JIP is planned to start in January 2014.

Useful links

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1J. Bruyelle and D.R. Guérillot: Neural Networks and their Derivatives for History Matching and other Seismic, Basin and Reservoir Optimization Problems, ECMOR XIII - 13th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, Biarritz France, September 2012

2 http://www.opm-project.org/

3 J.E. Killough and C.A. Kossack: Fifth Comparative Solution Project: Evaluation of Miscible Flood Simulators, Ninth SPE Symposium on Reservoir Simulation, 1987

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