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VolTerra for Volumetrics and STOOIP within Petrel* high-resolution reservoir models


Calculations of initial fluids in place (gas, oil and water) is a major priority before estimating reserves. This plug-in calculates the volumes of fluids in place using high-resolution Petrel geological models, porosity, capillary curves and thermodynamic data.

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This plug-in allows calculation of volumes of hydrocarbons (gas and oil) and water in reservoir and surface conditions. The physic is fully respected. The method is particularly well suited for carbonate reservoirs as it allows considering lateral and vertical heterogeneities.

The VolTerra™ plugin improves calculations of fluids (gas, oil and water) calculating OIIP and GIIP in standard and reservoir conditions. It is the natural end-point of any workflow devoted to the geological modeling of newly discovered or mature reservoirs, but particularly suited to highly heterogeneous reservoirs with transition zones.  

Transition zones may contain a sizable part of STOIIP & GIIP, specifically in low permeable sandstone and carbonate reservoir.
A good estimate of fluids in place requires to consider transition zones around Gas-Oil and Water-Oil contacts using capillary pressure curves.

When transition zone are present, variation of saturations close to water-oil contacts are observed.  

These saturations of each phase: oil, gas and water can also be compared to log extracted values to cross check the geological modeling for newly discovered reservoirs or to evaluate contact changes for mature reservoirs.  

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